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Elwin Verploegen

Fragments of Him PS4 updateApril 28, 2017

By Elwin

It’s been a while since our last update, but we finally have some more news to share regarding the development of the PS4 version.



We’re currently at the point where we’re happy with our current PS4 build. We’re now waiting on Sony so we can start the certification process. While we have a lot of confidence in the stability of our build, there can (and likely will) be things that we have missed on our end. Some more technical details on the PS4 build:

  • The PS4 version is a lot smaller than our earlier builds, currently sitting at just under 5GB. This is mainly due to Tino’s efforts in optimizing the lightmaps.
  • Loading times are similar to Xbox One. While each level is slightly smaller, the PS4 suffers from slightly slower HDD read times.
  • Fragments of Him currently runs at 60FPS (at a native 1080p), but this may change if we see noticable FPS drops.

The next time we write a blog post we will likely announce the release date, so keep an eye out for that!

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