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Tino van der Kraan

Isometric tile workflow for your gameDecember 3, 2013

By Tino

Isometric tiles are widely used as assets in game development. If you are interested in creating tiles of your own you may find the following tutorial useful. With this approach you will be able to quickly create tiles to use in your game. Keep in mind that this is a method I use and may not be particularly optimal for your application. However, for rapid prototyping this method can potentially save you a bit of time.

Edit: As a Reddit user pointed out, the tile workflow demonstrated in this tutorial uses a dimetric workflow instead of an isometric workflow. The paper ‘Paper Geometric Projections and Viewing Transformations‘ (page 15. & 16.) by Ingrid Carlbom and Joseph Paciorek indeed demonstrates that isometric, dimetric, and trimetric projections belong to the axonometric projections family. The reason for labelling the tutorial as isometric as opposed to dimetric is due to the popularity of the word. Even though the term is incorrect, the tutorial will likely reach a larger audience and instruct it in this workflow.

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