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Elwin Verploegen

PS4 update & Xbox One LaunchJune 15, 2016

By Elwin


2 weeks ago, Fragments of Him launched on Xbox One! This took a bit longer than expected due to certification, and we weren’t able to do an earlier announcement because we were still confirming details up to a week before the June 1st launch.

If you’re looking to buy it on Xbox One, you can get it on their website or via your Xbox One by searching for “Fragments of Him”.

We’re currently working on a patch for Xbox One that should take care of some performance issues during gameplay. We currently do not have an ETA on when this will go live, as certification makes this is a rather time consuming process.

We’re also in the process of launching Fragments of Him in 5 more regions (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, India & Hong Kong), if this is approved we should see these regions come up within the next week.

The current Xbox One version is on v1.19, and we’re currently working on getting that version on the same patch with the latest PC version (1.22). When doing this we will add a couple more regions to the list: Taiwan, Brazil, Russia & Portugal, these regions require a resubmit of the game to Microsoft and will unfortunately have to wait until we finalized the patch.

Patch 1.22

Speaking about Patch 1.22, that patch went live last night on Steam. It includes a couple of improvements in graphics (mainly shadow & lighting related) and an overhaul in the way we handle the audio. There’s now 5 sliders in the audio menu:

  • Master volume
  • Voice volume
  • Music volume
  • Ambient volume
  • Sound effects volume

This should allow you to tailor everything to your exact wishes. You can read the full patch notes on Steam:

PlayStation 4

We started our work on the PS4 port the moment we were confirmed to launch on Xbox One, and are starting to see progress on this end. It took us a while to get everything running, but the base game now works on our PlayStation 4 Development kit!

We’re still a long way away from making it to launch, but our current priority is working on this port. Once we have a better understanding of the PS4 requirements we’ll let you know. We’ll keep you updated through our Facebook, Twitter and this blog!

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