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Tino van der Kraan

Sassybot at SXSW 2016 - Part 1March 16, 2016

By Tino

This is the first of possibly a series of blogs covering our showcase of Fragments of Him at the SXSW Gaming Expo which is part of the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. The entire SXSW festival lasts from March 10th until March 20th. The SXSW Gaming Expo is from March 17th until March 19th. For convenience sake I’ll consider March 17th to be the first day of our three day showcasing adventure.

Day -1 – Arrival


On Tuesday March 15th Elwin and I traveled to Austin, Texas via Minneapolis. We departed from Schiphol at 13:00 and arrived around 21:00 (local time) in Texas. Considering a time difference of 6 hours this trip took around 14 hours to get us from airport to airport and around 16 hours from Breda to our hotel. Perhaps a bit typical but very much indie gamedev, Elwin was in the process of submitting a build overnight for the Xbox One certification which ultimately had to be finished from Schiphol.

Day 0 – Day of writing


The show starts tomorrow and Elwin and I used this day to get our bearings and sort some things such as exhibitor passes and supplies. While waiting for rental bikes to be dropped off we noticed a large amount of police parked at all driveways and intersections along the street of our hotel. Apparently the first lady, Michelle Obama, gave a talk at SXSW and this resulted in the streets being blocked off for the occasion. Pretty cool to have seen this by coincidence.

To be continued…


Tomorrow is the first day of showcasing Fragments of Him which is very exciting. If time and opportunity allows for it we will try to post an update on our adventures in a future blog. In the meantime, keep creating and never give up!

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