Collaborative Film Production
February 2010
14 working days

DivvyFlix is an online platform to create videos in collaboration with other users. The aim of this project is to promote the creation of short films composed by different pieces, called ‘divvies. DivvyFlix provides the space and the means to aid during the process of creation from scripting, to storyboarding, to video editing and promotion of the end resulting video.

The new generation of media consumers are more than passive spectators, the people of the now, want to be the creators and directors of their own stories. Collaborating with others gives them the opportunity to learn and share new ideas.


Marta Clavero
Project Manager, Concept Designer
Elwin Verploegen
Tech Lead
Johnny G. Mills
Tino van der Kraan
Art Lead
Stefan van de Belt
Functional Designer
Daniel Quant
Visual Artist