Friendly Hunch Interface
September 2010
14 working days

HunchBuddy is a multiplatform mobile application based on the social media technology from HunchBuddy provides the user with a customizable and appealing front-end GUI and enhanced features notably focused on social aspects.

Hunch is like Amazon or Netflix recommendations, but for everything. It uses 'collective crowd intelligence' to build a taste profile and apply it to just about anything; the system is built so that it collects vast amount of data about people, their tastes and preferences, and the things that they like, composing a 'tastegraph', mapping every person on the web to every entity on the web (be that a hotel, or a tennis racket, poet, cookbook, etc.) and their affinity for that entity. The more Hunch learns about each individual user’s personality and preferences, the better it can customize decision results for that user. It’s like a friend getting to know someone’s taste and preferences over time, so they can provide sound and trusted advice.

HunchBuddy presents a promising new media like Hunch in a whole new way, implementing on the Relevancy-Base Service principles of Need, Time and Location. The applications aims at creating an enhanced social experience around, appealing to a wider audience, beyond but including the typical early-adopter, tech savvy hunch user, with the added value of the afore-mentioned features and the relative advantage of being a mobile application that can be used on the go.


Marta Clavero
Project Manager, Concept Designer
Elwin Verploegen
Tech Lead
Johnny G. Mills
Dennis Creemers
Tino van der Kraan
Art Lead, Functional Designer
Michael Broeders
Visual Artist
Monica Pranoto
Visual Artist
Linda Brands
Visual Artist