Steampunk Contraption Strategy
June 2011

Tink-O-Rama is a Real-time Strategy (RTS) game design concept where the players take the role of one of the children from the Minnok family. They will embark on an adventure to build the ultimate High Pressure Water Transformer, a machine designed by their parents that is meant to revolutionize steam powered technology worldwide.

Every child has a set of unique characteristics that allows for different styles of gameplay.
The story develops in an alternate timeline in a steampunk/clockpunk version of the Victorian era, and mainly within the walls of an old manor.
The children are left with a heap of cogwheels, disassembled machinery parts and a series of blueprints to unravel the mystery of their parent’s disappearance.


Marta Clavero
Project Manager, Concept/Narrative/World Design
Elwin Verploegen
Technical Architecture
Tino van der Kraan
Visual Design, Functional Design
Jasper Lamboo
System Design